Jamaica celebrates Local Government Month (2016)



Jamaica celebrates Local Government Month (2016)


Jamaica kicked off its Local Government and Community Month under the theme ‘Rebuilding Civic Pride in Your Community and Mine’ with a service on October 31, 2016. The celebrations will run from November 01 – 30, 2016, and will consist of a range of activities in parishes to highlight the role of local government in sustainable development.


This year, CARILED will partner with several local agencies, parishes and municipalities, to support awareness building around the role of local government in Local Economic Development, commonly known as LED. LED initiatives in 10 Parishes and 1 municipality will be showcased by CARILED during this month, and a LED brochure will be printed and distributed to local partners. To view the LED brochure, click here.


The role of local government, community groups and private sector partners in achieving LED strategic development goals will also be discussed during a CARILED hosted LED 102 training that will take place from November 07 – 11, 2016 in Kingston, Jamaica.


Follow the activities of CARILED local government partners in the Caribbean and Canada via our social media feeds on Facebook and Twitter.

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