Local Economic Development Planning on track in the Caribbean


CARILED continues to support the creation and implementation of Local Economic Development Strategic Plans (LSPs) in its countries of focus.

The City of Belmopan, Belize will launch its public awareness campaign for its LED Strategic Plan in Q1 of FY 2016 – 2017, using tools developed in partnership with CARILED.   In the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States, CARILED supported the development and revision of LED Strategic Plans in Laborie and Vieux Fort in Saint Lucia.  In addition, CARILED supported the development of communications strategies and documents for the March 2016 launch of the Woodford Hill and Soufriere Scotts Head and Gallion  LED strategies.


In Q4, the Ministry of Communities of Guyana, in collaboration with CARILED, facilitated the preparation of LSPs for several Neighbourhood Democratic Councils (NDCs), as an element of Phase 2 community engagement for CARILED support. Local Economic Development (LED) Workshops were held in two communities, Mocha and Plaisance.  One of the workshops titled “Mocha-Arcadia Neighbourhood Democratic Council Community Development Profile” was facilitated by Ms Nicola Johnson, Local Resource Person and Ms Alix Yule, a Federation of Canadian Municipalities Consultant.


The LED planning workshops provided residents with a greater understanding of community strengths and weakenesses, as well as the threats, opportunities and strategic action needed to bring about community prosperity.  CARILED also supported the creation of a local area economic profile for the NDC of Port Mourant – John , Hague – Blankenburg.  Local area economic profiles feed directly into the development of LED strategic plans for local communities.


The support in Guyana is part of a larger initiative to update Municipal Development Plans and develop plans of action for the six municipalities – Georgetown, New Amsterdam, Rose Hall Linden, Anna Regina and Corriverton.  Stakeholder consultations involved councilors, Chamber of Commerce, Civil Society Groups, public agencies and residents within each municipality.   Retired Prince Edward County volunteer Mr. Merlin Dewing, supported the drafting activity in this period.   CARILED will continue to support the completion of LED plans in Region 4 and Region 6.


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