Local Engagement needed for Ease of Doing Business


Over the last 18 months,  CARILED provided technical assistance to local authorities in Belize and Jamaica, to conduct assessments, consult local businesses and jointly identify, prioritize and act on recommendations to make communities more business-friendly. The activities were focused on understanding and supporting “Ease of Doing Business” within the local economies.

One such recommendation led to The Belize Mayor’s Association (BMA), in partnership with CARILED, initiating Trade License Reform dialogue in Belize. Task forces from municipalities around Belize heldpeer to peer discussions  on several occasions to facilitate the establishment of a more equitable and just trade license regime. The Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry also engaged in the process, representing the needs of the private sector during the dialogue. This accomplishment is one of the activities undertaken to by the municipalities to facilitate increased trade and economic prosperity.  Related results included  enabling the formation of a business association, and by carrying out internal process mapping for city departments that interact with businesses.

CARILED also engaged in preliminary discussions in Guyana, Saint Lucia and Trinidad and Tobago related to Ease of Doing Business and will continue to work closely with the respective ministries and participating local authorities in these countries to support more effective ease-of-doing business frameworks and systems.

For more information on the Ease of Doing Business support provided by CARILED, check out The Federation of Canadian Municipalitiess webinar recording available here.

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